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Wednesday, August 22, 2012



Honestly, if a person doesn't have kids, a job, cats, love of cooking/crafting, or a famous spouse, I don't know what the hell they have to write about. Even if you deviate from your main topic with other fluff, the main point is still the starting point. But you know who's good about writing about nothing? Nothing But Bonfires.

Sometimes I feel a blogging group of some sort would help me blog more often. These days my goal is once a week. I miss it almost ... oh, every week. Here is what I would like to learn from you: what about the Midwest is appealing. I want a Midwestern commercial via the blogged word. Thrifting! I am confident you don't know how much you know about this. Food and cooking! Same as thrifting. Got any good theories going on any weird neighbors? What do you do all day? Do a day in the life post. Okay, get crackin'.

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