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I loved that show. I need to revisit that series too. That was back in the day when Jared Leto was actually cool. I also loved the original Degrassi Junior High.


I could write a freaking dissertation on the characters in that show. Damn the mom-pants are terrible!

Kristine (aka Akwa)

The other day I was having lunch at this great greek restaurant in a bad nabe of LA. I noticed Tom Irwin who played Graham (the dad)and now plays a minor character on Lost having a kebab. I knew he was familiar and I fear I kept staring until it finally hit me who he was.


I don't know anyone who really enjoyed high school. There are too many insecurities there. I certainly would never go back and do it again. No matter what. I hated it. The loneliness and pain of those days would be too much to do a second time.
For me, Happy Days was fun to watch but it certainly wasn't like REAL high school. I am very glad to be done with that part of my life.

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