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you havent been to the local pool?????????????


I could not agree more. Our town is just the right combination of sleepy and central. I'm sure we'll hear a lot of whinging from fifteen year old girls about how there's nothing to DO here, MOOOOM, but really I think it's a delightful place.


I've been too busy to go to the pool! School ran late, then we had swimming lessons at a local private swim school, then we left town/had a ton of family in town for three weeks!

So you can see why I'm all nesty about my home town now :)


I am so so lucky! I have access to a private pool and I have been using it some.


I agree with you. Your town is fantastic. It is a small town in the middle of a megapolis. It couldn't be better.
Also like you, I love my home. I love working on the yard even in the heat and humidity. I just carry a dish towel around and wipe the sweat off. It is just so snuggly here.
But! I wouldn't mind my here being in your town either. However, I doubt you would want me that close. We get along so well at a distance.

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