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Roger Farnsworth

There are times when the pile of laundry here seems as high as the barricades in Les Mis, but all one can do is take a deep breath and pitch in to ty and make a dent. OLOL is a wonderful way to break down the barricade and keep your sanity!


I go for the laundry binge-and-purge method. If I cannot keep all of our laundry clean, obviously we have way too much clothing and half of it must be purged. This is why I wear the same four outfits over and over and over again.

Jessica - This is Worthwhile

I've made a deal with myself that the moment the basket is full, I must do laundry. I cannot stuff it down like a trash can, I cannot put clothes *around* the basket. If it's full, it must get washed.

Since this contract with myself I've been keeping loads down to one or two at a time (versus 6).

Do you have any tips on actually folding and putting away said laundry?? That's the part I get hung up on (a basket full of clean clothes is staring at me as I type and has already spent two days in my room and a night in the living room).


I tried folding them right out of the dryer, but that didn't work for me, so now I just use it as an opportunity to catch up on television. Tivo was made for laundry procrastinators.

Once it's folded the putting away is like a reward for me.


I now put my clean laundry ON my bed. I can't go to bed until I put it away. One time? In the winter? I just left it there and snuggled under the warmth of the clothes on top of my blankets.


I do a load of laundry nearly every day, sometimes two loads, and I still manage to have half a basket of dirty clothes hanging around. I'm talking about environmentally friendly full loads too, nothing half-arsed about how much I pack into that machine. Will it be better when my toddler grows up a bit? Somehow, I'm doubting it - I had no idea babies and little kids brought so much laundry with them!


Vouching for OLOL. It works.

I learned it from Fly Lady.

It's like losing weight-- if you mess up and overeat one day, DO NOT try to starve yourself the next day. Just get back on the plan. OLOL forever!

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