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Certainly, channeling the things they so easily identify with is an effective way to get heard - and hey wow, it's in another language, that's awesome - but Dora and Diego make me want to cry. It could be worse, you'd have to sing like Barney to get a point across.

Our kid's tastes are becoming firmly enough rooted in the absurd that this technique may end up more of a chore than it's worth, e.g. "Pick your clothes up and put them away please... green chicken volcano ripped pants!"


The accent goes the other way on ayudame.


Duly edited, thanks Cecilia.


I personally love the fact that my grandaughters are using another language. The more accustomed to other languages and sounds they hear and use, the easier it will be for their brain to accept the learning of new languages. New languages are best learned before the puberty years. Go Diego Go!

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