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Auntie Nancy

Remember it is not what you get them, it is how you celebrate the event. Always read theChristmas story from the Bible, always read T'was The Night Before Christmas, and always read the cooking of the turkey from Dickens Christmas Carol. Then sing songs, light candels,crack some Christmas Crackers (the english kind with the crowns and toy in them), look in stockings to make sure Santa hasn't come early, and go from there. Make a big deal of the celebrating and not the gifts.
Gma and Gpa are probably coming for the last time to our house( I said that last year). So we celebrate the season like this.Oh!don't forget the homemade Baileys Irish Cream with a dash of peppermint schnapps.
love, Auntie N


I remember wanting very specific things as I was growing up but I also remember some of the best gifts were ones that I did not even ask for, especially if they sparked hobbies that my parents would help me out with. My first real camera, a model rocket, and a rock tumbler which you would then create your own jewelry with come to mind. Just make sure to throw in a doll or two just for good measure.


Can you do the whole "donate 3 old dolls to kids who have less and then get one new doll" thing? Teach them to play dreidel? Just kidding! Buy stuff for their existing dolls, like clothes or something?


How about making Christmas about what it is really about? Have the girls gather up toys for the poor and homeless. Have them choose a gift from the angel tree and purchase it and give it. Toys for Tots can use some extra help. I love reading the True Christmas story from the Bible and Night Before Christmas. Take them to church Christmas Eve or whenever your church is having the children's service. Talk about the idea of this being the time of year to give from your heart, not receive. Then, give them a peppermint stick, an orange and a shiney penny. Tell them the meaning and importance of these gifts. Then, put the money you would spend in their college funds. you are going to need it.


The toy donation is something that we do frequently throughout the year, as well as doing a Toys for Tots thing during the holidays. I'm not concerned that they'll grow up with a lack of charitable impulse.

Really this isn't a big conflict about the message I want to send about Christmas, it's much simpler than that: I am only getting the kids one thing each, and I want it to be a good thing, and I want it to be something they don't already have, and I want it to be something they'll use for a while, not something that they'll forget about within a week. I *know* what message I want to send, and am sending, about the season.

Auntie Nancy

Make this, sit down and drink some and think...
Homemade Bailey's Irish Cream--for the Irish in all of us.
1 can Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed milk. 1 1/2 cups choc. syrup. 1 cup whiskey. 1 tsp instant coffee, 1 tsp vanilla (real), 2 cups coffee creamer - non-flavored liquid. blend, chill serve and you can add a bit of peppermint schnapps. WOW, that's what I'm talking about.
(hehe) auntie n


Homemade Irish Cream. Now THAT is what I call useful advice. Do I need to dissolve the instant coffee in anything, or will it dissolve itself in the other liquids?


ok, first, i love Auntie Nancy. Really.

We are having a tough time with this, too. The girls keep asking for a "video game" and I think we're going with the Leap Frog version, but part of me cringes every time i think about it. We also bought some new board games for them (including twister!), and Santa will bring them a movie or two for family movie night.


I have 2 girls/ one loves Dora and dinosaurs / other loves princess anything, and cars except she wants a princess car from Santa. ARG. I guess I could find a little barbie car and tell her thats the princess car. She means one of those jeep thingys, and I have no intention of getting it for her. LOL. And part of me wants to. Because it's what she wants. I don't know about you all, but I'm mot sure I've ever gotten what I actually wanted for Christmas so I figure she will go unharmed as well. If not she prolly won't remember as she is only 3.

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