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OMG, I can't imagine giving birth on my own. That's a scary thought.


Bless her poor heart. Losing her hubby like that. She's got amazing strength to have delivered her baby alone. Best of luck to her.


But, but, but...did I miss it? What'd she do about the umbilical cord and placenta?

Among many, many others, I bow to her loins.


i saw this a couple of weeks ago. (sorry patti - waaaaaaaay behind on the blog reading) until i read this, i was scared for what lies ahead for me. but if a newly widowed porn star can do it by herself and then write about 5 minutes later and look as poised and confident as she did in the pics, then i will be channeling the shit out of some asia carrera when i am sitting in my living room copping a squat with a full team of helpers by my side. inspiring shit from a porn queen. for reals.


Awesome thanks for pointing me to asia's blog it was so awesome to read about her life.. she is a tough gal and an awesome mom. thanks once again.

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