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When I was maybe 6, I was with my parents and a couple they hung out with, and part of the dinner conversation involved some line of jokes about Thomas Edison inventing the rubber duck. I was a quiet boy, but when I had gold in the palm of my hand, I wanted people to know it. So when the question was posed what Edison might have said upon perfecting the invention in his bathtub, I proudly spouted "EUREKA! It floats!"

This was of course met with wild laughter and the reddening of my mom's face. I immediately knew saying it was a mistake and understood that they thought it was funny on a completely different level than was intended. I also knew then, as I know now, that my interpretation was more sophisticated. Those jerks.

Because of that incident I always feel a little twitch of shame in the back of my mind when I find the dirty slips so hilarious. But it just can't be stopped. That shit is funny.


Very funny!! My kids frequently come up with stuff like that too. Just came across your blog and will come back soon.


I is like when a 2 1/2 year old red headed girl walked into the livingroom with her panties around her ankles and said to our company, "Somebody come wipe my butt!" I think I was red then too.


I totally thought of you yesterday when my five year old said "I really wish I could suck my willy!"
I said " you and 5 billion other men" and then dh and I feel about laughing.


My cousins are HUGE Thomas the Tank Engine freaks, and they like to make a game out of naming all of the different characters. I admit, I point to "Percy" more frequently than the others because I find it hysterical to hear that cherubic 3 year old squeel "Pussy!" when I point to the green train. I am surely going to hell.


My 2 year old calls chalk cock. She frequently walks about screaming how much she needs/wants it.

I came from parenthacks- nice site.

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