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Ya know? He's on the VH1 countdown too. The little one broke down in tears last week when they only played a clip of his video (and not the whole thing). Do we need this?

No. Please write that letter.


YES! YES! YES! Write the letter. They need to know how you feel about things. No one else is going to do it for you. Stand up and be counted!
Now, what the hell are you talking about? What is XM and why do kids need their own stations? You just listened to whatever your dad put on the radio and that was it. Of course, do you remember that he and Auntie Mad-woman used to do nothing but flip stations over and over? That was enough to drive me insane. However, it turns out they were the insane ones. I was totally normal and sane.
I am totally cool with KNIX country music. No switching for me. I keep my hands on the wheel and my mind on the road. Which is getting harder and harder at my age. Come to think of it, we didn't have much choice of stations anyway. We only got KOMA from Oklahoma City after 8:00 at night where we lived as kids. Wild huh?

Auntie Nancy

I say yes write the letter!!! My kids only got to listen to casette tapes which my now 25 yr old uses in her 2nd grade classroom. She says they learn better to music as long as it isn't loud and wild. Give them some fun, calm music and they settle right down and do their work. She did say that sometimes one of them will start singing out loud and then the whole class takes off singing. And giggleing. So I have given her music with no words to it so they can't sing. auntienancy


Dude, he's from Hawaii. He's allowed to wear slippers (what they're called in Hawaii) because that's what everyone wears there. And not in an ironic "i'm wearing Uggs with a sundress" kinda way, in a "it's too hot to wear shoes and socks and everyone takes their shoes off when entereing a house so this footwear is convenient" kinda way.

And your post is exactly what I'm talking about when I say I hate kids music. I hate adults that sing about shit that appeals to kids no matter who they are or what kind of "music cred" they have because of what they did before. It's dumb. But if a kid gloms onto 'adult' music be it Green Day or Jack Johnson, theeennnn I can sorta get behind that.


I say write the letter because I heard that Jack Johnson cd on Amazon and I thought to myself - "that sounds like everything else he sings . . .borrrring." I like the guy like a bland Saltine cracker when I've had too much spicy food, but common, can't you change it up a bit for a kids album? I mean, wait, I don't mean that - just refrain from the kid genre entirely puuullleeeaaase. eeeewwww.


It is NEVER too hot to wear shoes and socks. I can attest to this as I am an Arizonan through and through and I have a completely RATIONAL foot phobia. Basically the problem with Jack Johnson is that he has NO ELVIS IN HIM!!! He and Dave Matthews both should be shipped off to that island in Lost with all the crazy heroin addicts and homicidal maniacs (which happens to actually be the north shore of Oahu, I believe). But I digress... I refuse to live in a world where grown ups shouldn't love music about cartoon monkeys (or whatever). It CAN be very punk rock (i.e. Rancid's Sidekick). Now granted, Wolverine is by nature more punk rock than Curious George, but let's not split hairs here. And this diatribe has nothing at all to do with the fact that I live in a house filled with varying degrees of tributes to superheroes even though I don't have children.
Don't write the letter.


Auntiquette wins the comments thread.


I totally love Jack Johnson....and Dave Matthews.....and Curious George! I was listening to the Curious George soundtrack just now.


Ooooh, can't help you on that one. I heart Jack Johnson!

Mrs. Davis

I totally expected Curious George to sound like Jack Johnson's other stuff. Why would/should he change his sound for that? I like finding artists who do music for kids that sounds like their regular (grown-up) stuff.

I didn't care for JJ's sound much before Curious George, but I've gotten into it the more I've heard. Love the Hawaiian influence....and I think he's way better then Dave Matthews.

XM Kids sounds good. I'm getting to be a big fan on the Sirius kids station.

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