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Sounds like a very sensible plan. I've never made a big deal out of my DD's appetite, although she generally eats quite well. Some days she doesn't though, when excited because she has a friend over, or is going somewhere special later, or just decides that she doesn't like peas that day.

Good luck and glad to have you back.




I can relate. I have picky eaters that are on the bottom of the charts on weight, so it's been especially nerve wracking. But I have finally given way to your method. I don't "cook" for more than 10 or 15 minutes, because the garbage disposal's going to get most of it anyway.


Hey, I totally agree with you. Just don't make an issue of it. Molly will eat when she is hungry and not bother the rest of the time. T and T both grew up and they were very picky eaters. I seem to remember a time when you only wanted macroni and cheese for weeks on end. Just relax and go with the flow. We don't want food to be a manipulative issue for anyone.


I think this is a great plan, and not least of all because it requires you and Dug to do NOTHING! Well, nothing but shop, cook, do dishes and give your garbage disposal a good work out. But weren't you gonna do that anyway?


We're trying the same plan with our two, but still they press on with their self-imposed starvation diet. I try not to hyperventilate (at least too audibly), but man, it's tough. I sure relate.


I am blogging this for BB. Hope that 's ok!.

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