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Oh sweet M! What a lover you have there. Squeeze her a few times for me today. Happy, happy first birthday!

Karen B

That was beautiful!


That was so sweet. She is too adorable!


There is so much love for that angel, I can't even begin to explain. She is everything you so eloquently said, and tons and grundles more. I regret so much that I am again not there for an important day, but know that all of my thoughts are with you. I love you.


Love, Auntiquette


Hi, It's Llamaschool from craigslist; don't know if you remember me, but you were one of the posters I took a special interest in b/c your baby is so close in age to mine, born May 19. (Well, & your attitude's pretty close to mine, too. har.) I've been feeling smug about this year's accomplishments, you summed it up.


Dear Maggie,

You came to our going away party when you were 4 days old. You were so tiny! Your mom had you swaddled in a blanket and I held you and it seemed like you were the size of my two hands put together. Then. *Something* happened. You grew and grew and grew. You love to eat and you have no idea how much that pleases your "auntie."

When you were 10 months old you came to Portland for a visit. We loved having you mostly because our floors have never been cleaner. Thank you for *helping* your mama clean up after your meals by licking everything up off the floor.

Happy Birthday, DaisyDuck-en! Love, Auntie S., Uncle J., Bunny, and Wallie.

P.S. You have the cutest eyelashes ever!


Oh, my Goodness. You are ONE! I can't believe it. Your mommy was my baby just a few short years ago. You both remind me so much of the two of them that it is de ja vu! Auntiquette and Mommy are just like your mommy described. Mommy was happier doing things and Auntiquette just was our baby. I am so happy to have you in my family that I could just bust with pride. You are beautiful, sweet and absolutely scrumptious. God bless your my darling.
Love Grammy
PS give your mommy a little hell once in a while for me.
PSS. Patti, that was wonderful. I love you too.


And after four kids of my own, just reliving your first year with your mother, Maggie, makes me want another. I remember when you were born. I remember when your mother was so non-chalant in retelling your birth story, and oh. my. God. A year later already. Already!

You don't know me. You may never know me. You may never meet me. I may never smile into your melting brown eyes, but I will forever know you, because your mother loved you and your sister so much she had to share you. And that smile, and those eyes, I will never, for the reminder of my days..I will never forget. And in Texas, you will forever have a place to call home. You will forever have a place to run. And I will love you as my own, as I've watched you grow, watched you learn, and watched you pave your own path, so very different from your sister's. And my love and my thanks to your mother, for putting you out there for me, for sharing you with me, and letting me remember through her eyes.

Happy Birthday, Maggie.


Molly, thank you for being the most way cool big sister. I come here often to see how you and Maggie are doing, and all of a sudden, Maggie's ONE! I mean, you didn't turn one in three months....did you? Maybe you did. I can't remember that far three years is a long time. Not.
Sometimes, when the next sister or brother show up, the highlights are now on the cutesy things *they* do, and you have to resort to flaunting the fact that all the clothes *you* wear are NEW, or that they get to read books with pre-bitten corners.
You will get to start school first, and Maggie will miss you when you're not there to join her for breakfast on the days she sleeps in. And you'll have your driver's license first, and she'll need a ride to her friends house. And you will go off to college before she has her first prom.
But you know what? There will be a day that there will be no age difference between the two of you. You'll be best buds. You'll comfort each other on over the phone, shop together, watch each other's children, or take turns hosting the Christmas get-together.
The fact of the matter is, it may very well be only the two of you, both of you will always say, "I have a sister." Nothing more. Not "sisterS," not "a brother," not "two sister's," just....a sister.
And what a wonderful sister each of you have!


Dearest Maggie, Happy Birthday little girl! It seems like only yesterday when your generally composed mother was screaming in the waiting room of the hospital as you were making your way into this world....expectedly, unexpected. (And, I'm sure caught on camera by some stranger as your parents were waiting for that darn elevator!)

I've heard many stories surrounding your development, and you have grown into such a beautiful toddler - with a wonderful sparkle to your eyes, and a curiosity that won't stop. From those stories, I can see that you are so loved by those around you, including - and especially - your big sister! Enjoy being one...


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a beautiful story!

Darcy Barry

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