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Why do we have to have labels at all? Every generation of "older" people think they were the only ones to do it right. Our parents thought we were horrible at raising kids. Our grandparents thought they were blithering idiots. I think you are doing a damn fine job on my grands. I think they will be open-minded little people with an entire world at their feet to do with what they want. I KNOW I made mistakes with my kids. I am hoping that you make different ones than me. Isn't that how the world goes round?


Because ever since Adam, humans have had a need to put names on things.

wife mom maniac

How can you leave this lurker hanging without explaining your theory? Boo! I wanna know what you really think, trouble and all :0)

Mrs. Blue

God, where can I get a Grammy? (The Staples Center?) That maternal validation must feel really good, Patti. I am not saying that to be all neener neener, I just love Grammy and how she loves you.


I just started my daughter in Kindermusik. All the other parents were listing classical composers as their child's favorite music to listen to. I was getting some strange looks when I said she liked the sound track to Gray's Anatomy and Spoon. Thankfully someone else said that their kid liked Leonard Skinner. Also I would like to give a shout out to all the hipster dads out there that are actually participating in raising their kids and not just chalking it up to women's work as many generations in the past did.


I would truly like you to go back to writing about the grands. This is where I usually get my stories for your Grandparents. They mostly want to know how their Great Grandchildren are doing. They don't really want to know about me or you. It is all about the babies.


Please, mom. It is clear that while people may have come for the kids, they have stayed in hopes that I'll write something about jelly beans.


If you write about the kids eating jellybeans you'll satisfy everyone. :) As you once told me, "Follow your bliss" in deciding what you write about.


And papa, I agree about the dads. Coparenting has come a long, long way and it's a pleasure to behold. Even in families like mine where it's the mother who is the primary caregiver, the dads' involvement is on a totally different level than what I observed as a kid, in my own family of origin and in others. It's a great step forward and these kids are going to benefit from it.


can you just tell me what a "grup" is?

hehe, hipster.


Silly, a grup in a startrek word for Grown up.

The Other Stephanie

Bah, I say. No need to be cranky on behalf of this nonsensical crap. As long as you keep saying what you think—in print, no less—someone's sure to get twisted about it.

Meanwhile, the rest of us will keep on coming back for more. Jelly beans, mmmmmmmm.

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