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I'm crying. We feel so lucky to have such an amazing family in you and Dug, A and M, M and S, and all of our other friends that we are lucky enough to know and be loved by. Our village is doing quite well, and our girls are the proof of that. Thanks for such a beautifully written piece!

Wendy Hoke

Right on, sister. I've always felt that parenting is largely instinctual. And my instincts tell that not sweating the small stuff and remembering to laugh with my boys is best for all of us. And so far, 12 years into this parenting gig, they seem to be just fine not ever having played on a travel team. Your point about finding a community of people to love and care for your children WITH YOU is most appreciated and important. We don't have to do this alone.


Couldn't have said it better myself!


Well, Damn if I didn't do something right some where along the way. You now know what a real family is. It isn't the people who birthed you, it is the people who love you and help you raise wonderful children. As a Grammy, I also have that special family. We all went to Utah skiing. I didn't ski. I can fall fine without sticks on my feet. But, they are my family and I will stick with them through thick and thin as well as hang onto you and Colette. Ain't live full of surprises? can't live without them.



I love our tribe, too! M and I were just talking about our posse the other night - how cool everyone is, how nonjudgemental, how similar and how different we all are. Mostly we talked about how lucky we (M and I) are to have found our way into this group of freaking awesome people, parents and human beings. And how lucky Hazel is to have such awesome friends, and how lucky Violet is to have such awesome friends ready-made; ready to love her and ooh and aah over her the day she pops out. We didn't have that with Hazel... it took us a long time to find you guys. And we just can't believe our luck.


i want to live by you, too... i need a village, i ended up with a ghost town (ie-lots of people, just nobody's home)


Yeah!!! I was trying to write about this very thing, along with some other things!

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